Our Beer

We are always experimenting and trying new flavors and profiles. We brew with whole cone hops and use different barley depending on the brew to make sure every flavor is just right. Stop by to try some, or pick up a crowler of your favorite, like Roland’s Redder Ale. 

Our Pizza

Quality is our top priority, that’s why our ingredients are always fresh and top quality, locally sourced when possible. Our pizzas are baked in a wood oven, giving you the authentic taste of a wood fired pizza. Don’t forget, it’s not burned, it’s char, and it adds to the flavor!

Building on History

The City of Chico was both the beginning and the end of Sacramento Northern’s Electric Streetcar operations in more ways than one. Chico was the location of the first of the electric lines that would become the SN. It was also the scene of the line’s last regular service. Our location was one of the last stops in Chico. The original main track traveled through downtown and stopped at Mulberry Street before going on to the district known as Chapmantown. 

Mulberry Station Brewery and Pizzeria is proud to be a part of the Chico, CA community! Our founders and employees have been a part of Chico for decades. We take pride in all that we do, from making each specialty pizza to order to filling each glass with the finest craft beer we can produce. We use only the freshest ingredients and proper techniques to bring you the very best pizza, and beer.

Meet The Team


After a successful career in the Marine Corps and business ventures, Allen has retired and is working on his bucket list. Including opening a brewery with friends, run marathons, and of course, drink craft beer.


Starting as assistant brewmaster at Sierra Nevada, Roland has been in the beer industry for 30 years. Roland believes a craft such as brewing can never be fully learned, it must constantly be explored.


Starting out as a home-brewer, Dale is now a brewmaster at a local brewery. He was one of our original partners and played a big part in all aspects of the business construction and assembly of our facility and brewing equipment. He will always be part of the team.


Steven is a man of simplicity and a delusional optimist. Steven was with us from the beginning planning stages until the last quarter of 2023. He has moved on to bigger and better things but will always be part of the story. We know you will miss him but he wants you to know, “Being sour doesn’t help anything, especially in beer.”

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